ABES geoDes

ABES geoDes provides tools for the detailed modeling of segmental bridges.

  • Bridge geometry input based on alignments using road and railway alignment conventions.
  • Multiple secondary alignments running at variable offsets to the base alignments.
  • Specific input options available to define sub-structure.
  • Parametric cross-sections with variable measurements along bridge alignment.
  • Detailed segmentation of bridge deck, piers and pylons. Input options for each segment to define exact properties.
  • Extensive library of segment types including pre-cast, cast in-situ segments; but also bridge joints, closure pours etc.
  • Unlimited number of geometry control points and report points per segment.
  • Combination of pre-cast and cast in-situ segments possible.
  • Graphical User Interface, table driven, Excel compatible
  • Interactive graphical presentation of alignment, cross sections, segments and full bridge in 2D and 3D graphics.
  • pdf, dxf, png, eps and excel output.


Please visit our reference project section for application examples.


Screenshot ABES geoDes.

geoDes screenshot 1