ABES geoCon

ABES geoCon supports the geometry control during the casting process of pre-cast segments in the casting yard.

  • Processing based on geometry data created by ABES geoDes.
  • Setting and casting error compensation for unlimited control points with innovative algorithm for optimum results.
  • Automatic casting error compensation based on survey data of previous segments.
  • Horizontal and vertical casting methods supported.
  • Customisable for all common survey systems including analoge theodolite; leveling instrument with offset measurement; total station per casting cell; total station covering multiple cells.
  • Possibility to switch between survey systems during casting.
  • Optional input of casting yard layout and managment of casting in multiple cells simultaniously.
  • Processing of multiple casting sequences within one project.
  • Instant results and feedback on survey data.
  • Robust graphical user interface with built-in plausibility checks to minimise possibility of user input errors
  • Global and local coordinates of casting curve, setting out data and as-cast geometry for all control points in Excel, pdf, text, and dxf format.
  • Graphical presentation of casting curve, setting-out data and as-cast geometry.
  • dxf output of 3D bridge geometry.


Please visit our reference project section for application examples.


Screenshot ABES geoCon.

ABES geoCon screenshot