Tuas West Extension


This large and complex project consists of up to two rail decks and four highway box girders supported on two levels by the same substructure. Additionally there are two rail ramps and five highway ramps, all constructed from pre-cast segments.

The total length of precast deck is more than 24km with more than 7,000 precast segments.

China Railway 11 (CR11) is the contractor operating the casting yard and using ABES geoCon for all geometry control purposes.

The ability of ABES geoDes to model and visualise multiple alignments proved especial useful; it was used to verify all alignment input and pier coordinates and to define the shape of all cast-in-place pier heads.

DXF export of the entire 3D bridge model allowed for efficient data transfer for production and checking of shop drawings.

ABES geoCon is presently in use in the casting yard in which 17 casting cells and several total survey stations are operating.

VSL is relying on ABES Software to supervise geometry control for this project.


ABES geoDes screenshot

ABES geoDes screenshot


Casting Yard

Tuas casting mould        Tuas road section   


Construction Site

Tuas gantry        Tuas pier, 2 levels