F11 Hunter Expressway

 New South Wales, Australia

The project consisted of three twin viaducts of 196m, 254m and 329m lengths, built using a total of 560 precast segments.

Detailed models were created of each bridge using ABES geoDes.

Construction tolerances were extremely tight and ABES geoCon was used to ensure that segments were cast to the correct alignment.

ABES geoCon was able to support use of a robotic total station survey allowing three casting cells to be surveyed from a single instrument operated by one person.

The project was delivered successfully in 2012 by a consortium with VSL being responsible for geometry control and relying on ABES Software.


Casting Yard

Conjugate_Segment          Empty casting cell         Variable bulk heads         Finishing touch


Under Construction

Aerial view           Gantry and base segment          One finished one under construction          Ready for next segment

(construction pictures courtesy of Michael Lüthi, VSL)