Dobra Chanti Bridge


ABES Engineers were commissioned to perform wind dynamic analyses for this complicated cable-suspended bridge with a main span of 440m by the Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur.

A detailed 3D structural model was created and natural modes were determined based on the structural stiffness under permanent loading.

Wind tunnel tests were performed to obtain lift, drag and moment diagrams.

A CFD model was built using ABES crossWind and calibrated to wind tunnel tests.

Using the calibrated model flutter analyses were performed. Single-mode as well as multi-mode flutter was examined using four interacting natural modes.

Vortex shedding was evaluated using a combination of CFD simulations using ABES crossWind and wind tunnel tests.

Design checks according to BD 49/01 were performed.


ABES crossWind Model

wind velocity field 1


Wind Tunnel Test

wind tunnel 1


Structural Model

struct model